Fundació Joan Miró

Works by Joan Miró. Prints and illustrated books


Miró began experimenting with the graphic arts in the 1930s. The Foundation holds final prints, as well as numerous artist's proofs, of almost all his graphic work.

In addition, there are designs for posters that, particularly from the 1970s onwards, reflect his concern for the political and social problems of the time.

Parallel to this, a deep interest in poetry, arising to a great extent from his friendship with many writers of his generation, led him to illustrate a large number of books.

Selection of works:

Joan Miró, Louis Marcoussis
Portrait of Miró

Barcelona series (7)
Tristan Tzara
L'Antitête. Le Désespéranto

Joan Miró. Paul Éluard
À toute épreuve


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